Help, please. Pullet got stepped on. Torn skin and what seems like a broken leg

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  1. dawnjerrene

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    I really don't want to put this month old chick down. I stink at killing birds. She got stuck between a tree and the fence outside (they just went out day before yesterday to live in the coop). She was fine, just cold, so I brought her into the house to warm up, set her on the stairs next to my computer chair and gave her some crumbles to peck at. My son came rushing down the stairs, not knowing there was a chicken on the bottom step, and stepped on her. At first I thought only her leg was broken, but further examination makes me think the skin under her left wing is torn. There's no loose blood, but it looks raw to me. She's not acting like she's in pain, just trying to snuggle under our arms while we hold her. The left leg is definitely wonky, though. I think it's in the hip, because the leg sections aren't bent or moving where they ought not to move. I'm thinking of putting comfrey ointment on the raw area, with some anti-biotic, and keeping her inside until she gets better or gets worse. Am I being selfish not to put her down immediately?
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    Your definitely not selfish. Personally I would make her a split out of Lolly pop stick and somw tape for her leg. And I would put some antiseptic cream on her wound. I wouldn't know what to do with her wing. But i wouldn't put her down... she may make a full recovery with a little tlc. Don't panic to much. She might surprise you and Be perfectly fine in a few days x
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    My dog stepped on my silver spangled Hamburg when it was about six weeks old and it had a limp. To popsicle sticks and two days later in solitary confinement and she was walking around as if nothing had happened there still young the bones aren't too hard yet
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    I read a story about a man who ran over his broiler pullet's leg while moving a chicken tractor The man had a lot to do and said, "sorry you're on your own with this one," and two weeks before the culling date he could no longer pick her out of the crowd of broilers. I'm not saying just toss her back in with the hens and hope she heals, I'm saying that it is possible to save the pullet. Keep trying! I agree that you should splint it.
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