Help Please! Really sick polish chicken!

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  1. horsekrazy74

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    Apr 5, 2010
    About 4 days ago our new kitten got into our coop at night and chased out the chickens. Our polish chicken ended up falling into the pool and almost drowned before we got out there.

    The next day she was fine. But the day after that she could not stay awake and wasn't drinking or eating at all. We brought her in and have been force feeding her powerade using a syringe. The next day she could keep her stay up for short periods of time and was willingly taking drinks of powerade and soaked chicken feed. Yesterday it seemed that she had more energy, but when put outside with the other chickens she would stand their and just fall back into sleep. Today she seems a lot more alert, but doesn't want to eat more than watered down chicken scratch. When put outside with the other chickens she will walk around for a few minutes and I will find her head laying on the ground asleep. She is staying inside with us and is being fed at least hourly during the day. I definitely see that she is improving, but we have no idea what is wrong, or any other ways to help.[​IMG]

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem could be,
    and what can I try to encourage her to be able to eat dry food,
    and how to get her to not fall asleep every 30 seconds?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! Im so worried about my poor chicken. We have been taking extremely good care of it to try and make it better.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. ChickensAreSweet

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    I think it would be good to try to get her to eat some scrambled egg or yogurt. Those are good "sick chicken" foods that are commonly mentioned on here by the old-timers.

    I would be careful about syringe feeding. It is very easy to put it in the wrong place. I have had success forcing fluids by dipping the beak, just like you would a chick.

    I hope it all works out!!!

    Keep us posted please!!

  3. Miss Lydia

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    Have you checked her over to make sure there are no scratches? cats can carry nasty stuff under their nails. Does she feel hot like fever? how about runny nose or eyes? is it cold where you live? Try some plain yogurt or scrambles egg on her. Maybe she is just afraid the cat may come back is why she acts like she does when you take her out. Be very careful when putting her with the other chickens , till shes 100% they might pick and peck her. Hope she pulls through. I bet she was scared to death.
  4. oesdog

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    Jun 7, 2010
    It is better to use an eye dropper you can get at the pharmacy than a syringe. It is easier to get the fluids in the correct place and easier for the bird to cope with.

    You are right to force fluids - give her plenty of TLC and don;t put her out with the others she isn;t ready and your just undoing the good work!!!! Yogurt and egg are great and the warmth of your home too!!!! Don;t let her sit with the head down for too long. Encourage her pull her onto her feet and give her food. I am a great believer in tough love with chicks that are not thriving. If you leave them in a heap they will just give up and die. Give her something every hour. Sugar water is good, Water with infant vitamins - NO IRON. The egg and Yogurt is good too. Though I have been know with really sick chicks to give them some baby rice. - not too much though as its bad for them longterm but good to kick start them into eating.

    Oesdog - good luck - give her time !!!!!!!! She has had a nastly shock and shock kills - sugar water is good for shock!

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