HELP PLEASE Silkie hen chicks starting to hatch!!


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Oct 17, 2013
Hi all! You all are so knowledgable I have two questions I need answered right away PLEASE

My 8 Mo old silkie hen Bubbles is sitting on her first clutch an they are starting to hatch right now. She is siting on them. Will she crush them?? Should I remove the ones that are starting to hatch? If some hatch before others will she abandon the rest? We made her a special broody coop with her own space with her and her eggs so no one can bother her.

Please advise I don't want any chicks to die from being crushed!!
Leave them be. You have more of a chance of causing her to panic and hurt the chicks, than her causing harm, when left alone. Natural instincts are usually strong enough for her to know what to do. Young first time mothers sometimes make mistakes, but that is the exception, rather than the rule. She should stay on the nest with the chicks, for a couple of days, before venturing out.
Let her do her own thing.
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