HELP PLEASE SOMEONE! Little runt duckling doesnt want to eat!


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8 Years
May 29, 2011
Im running out of time! its day one after hatch and the last out of three to hatch. tiny weak little duckling first didnt learn how to walk i thought had spaddle(splayed) legs but i think now it just from being to weak and not being able to support its weight! I try to get him to eat but he just doesnt open its beak to eat. It just flays its little body around sleeps most of the time. Has weak chirping, and dull yellow fur. Im afraid the little guy will die not from not being able to walk but from starvation!D: It used to be able to pick up its head at least but now seems like he cant. PLEASE! PLEASE! Someone give me tips on what i should do with this duckling, i dont want him to die, and i dont think we have a vet around that is specialized on birds! PLEASE, SOMEONE RESPOND TO THIS! BEFORE ITS TO LATE!
Get a dropper and some pedialyte (unflavored) and drop a few drops on the tip of his beak. Do this every few hours..he should perk up. A couple drops in can do wonders.
poor little guy... he didn't make it, he was soo weak, and we...
I was too late.

Put thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to act faster in the future... although I don't think I want to go through that again... v~v
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