HELP please! Weak peachicks and 1 has died


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
We had 4 peachicks we hatched in an incubator. They are 1 1/2 weeks old. Today one died. The others have become SO thin, and weak. They're in a stock tank brooder with a heat lamp over one side of the tank. Temp at ground level is 95-97 and the tank is 4' round so they can get away from the heat if they want. I've had game bird crumbles starter for them, and have chopped up little bits of grass for them. Today I started giving them a mixture of whole beaten egg mixed with a little electrolyte, by oral drench via avian drenching tube. I also made a wet mash for them of the crumbles mixed with lukewarm water, given in a shallow lid.

I can't figure out why they are so thin. No other obvious symptoms that I can see. What to do? Thanks in advance.
My chicks got coccidia and one died. There were no signs until the one died, then the others started pooping yellow. With a lot of reading on her I found it was coccidia it lives in the ground and can show up in the cleanest of brooders. I would recommend getting corid and the dosage is 1 tsp per gallon for 4-5 days. Mix fresh everyday, and stir or shake their water throughout the day. You will be able to see changes within 24 hours.
They also need some grit if you are feeding them anything other than chick starter to help their gizzard to work on them grass clippings and grains.
a small bit of poly-visol will hlep them also.

do you have them on shavings?

Sorry for your loss
hope the rest get better soon.
Thanks everyone. It's too late. They all died, one by one. All of them. 3 of them were born with splay legs and 1 had that plus crooked toes. I corrected it all with hobbles and a shoe made of cardboard and duct tape for the one who had crooked toes. I had them on carpet scraps so they could get some traction. When they were better, 2 days ago, I took the scraps out and added a thin layer of shavings. I was up till 3 last night watching them and giving a small amount of electrolyte/egg mixture every 1.5 hours. I am heartbroken. Really loved these little guys. I feel like I did everything I knew how to do for them. Guess I will take your advice the next time I incubate peachicks.
Thank you everyone, you are the best. Really appreciate all the information and support. Are peachicks normally this difficult to raise? I think I had the humidity a bit high and that's what caused the leg problems, but is the mortality rate normally high on peafowl? My husband is having the feed tested for alfatoxin. The only other thing we could think of initially before I saw your posts was that maybe there were some fumes coming off the carpeting? I'm really torturing myself here.

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