HELP PLEASE...what breed & who's a roo?


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May 8, 2015
I bought 5 supposedly "barred rock" straight run chicks from my local TSC back in early/mid March...and 1 Isa Brown pullet...but this is what I ended up with (pic with all youngsters) I think I have 4 cockrells of questionable breed & 1 BSL pullet...please tell me what you think...oh, and at least one I know at least 1 if not 4 (or more) are roos...


I think BSL pullet on her... (below)

These look like cockrells, but are they actually BSL? Or something else (obviously they aren't Barred Rock as they were sold as)

Close up...pea comb?

The first 2 pictures were taken about 1-2 weeks prior to the last 2 pics...

I'm new to the chicken world...I started out with 6 Leghorns & 5 RIR'S that were bought from a comercial farm...I'm down to just 1 "old girl" who oddly enough developed some pretty big spurs in the 3 years I've had her...I'd say they are about 1.5 inches now!
But anyway, I'm only used to hens & only those two beds so I'm at a loss for what I ended up with this year.
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It looks like you received a bunch of Easter Eggers along with a Buff Orpington on the far left. As for genders I need individual pictures but the two birds that you thought were cockerels are definitely cockerels. Also your BSL pullet is actually an Easter Egger pullet.
The birds in the top pic are Easter Eggers except the one on the left which looks like a Red Sex Link pullet. Second pic down is an Easter Egger pullet, the three birds in the last two pics are all Easter Egger cockerels.
Those look like Easter eggers and one red sexlink. For future reference, barred rocks and male black sexlinks are black with a white dot on the back of the head as chicks. Like these. Once you know what certain breeds are supposed to look like as chicks, it's easier to avoid feedstore mislabeling.


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