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My 7 wk olds have been in their coop full time for about 10 days. They have been getting themselves up in the morning and walking down their ramp to their run since day two, but they will not walk up the ramp to put themselves to bed or out of the rain. They huddle in the corner until I put them away. My husband built the "Garden Coop" featured in some of the BYC ads...The rungs are about 10 inches apart, so I'm wondering if I may need to add more ?
What I did was put them on the ramp near the pop door, then sort of shushed them in. The third eveningI went out to do this, and they were already in on roost! I was so proud! now they come and go all day. I also have my ramp resting on a block so it isn't too steep.
probably wouldn't hurt to add more. maybe it's a little slippery for them in between the rungs?

my ramp was a little steep at first and my chicks wouldn't use it. I made it less steep and they hop all over it now.
Thanks...I think first thing in the morning I will put some kind of block under the ramp to make it not so steep and see how they do. I've never witnessed the coming out in the morning, so I'm assuming they are just "flying" down and avoiding the ramp all together!
If adjusting the ramp doesn't work and if the coop is big enough, lock them in it without access to the outside for a week or so and then let them out again. They may not yet recognize it as home and that's why they don't return to it.
Maybe they just want to stay outside.
If they have something to get under for cover I wouldn't worry about it.
What time are you expecting them to go in? Mine are about that age, I sit in a chair and talk to them and when it is almost dark they go in themselves. Seems to me 40 minutes after the sun actually goes down-

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Maybe you need to add more cross pieces to the ramp as well as shallow out the angle. Think about their short little legs trying to get traction. They are still trying to get those feet to go where they want and the legs to support them. Or maybe they would respond better to a ladder style entry instead a ranp. By the way, how wide is the ramp? Maybe that's part of their issue.
It might be that the ramp is just too steep for them to feel comfortable.

My ramp is just an old piece of siding I used for the coop building.
There are no slats on it, so I had to put a cinder block underneath it so the slope is not too steep.


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