Help please!


7 Years
Sep 11, 2012
My wyndotte Friday hurt her leg after a child tried to see if she'd fly at all. She's a good 8 pounds so she did not. Anyway, she limped and was fine after a few days then re-injured it getting down from the roost. It seems like she has just given up on life all together we kept her in her own cage like they tel you when they are injured but now she just sits in the main cage after everyone leaves. She won't get up to eat or drink. help please she's by girl I don't want to loose her.
You are just going to need to give her time and some lower roosting bars. If the long drop did any real damage there is nothing that can be done. Hopefully she's just sore from the fall and doesn't have any internal injuries.

I would have some harsh words with the child in question. And if the kid isn't yours, then I would have some very harsh words for the parents of said child, as well. Senseless.

Good luck with her. I hope she perks back up soon.
I appreciate the help. She's getting worse and showing signs of Mareks disease. At least we figured it out.

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