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Sep 22, 2012
I have an egg that was due to hatch three days ago and it has not hatched yet it seems to have internally pipped and has wiggled but nothing has happened should I help if so how
I would say if you're gonna help, now would be the time... I would start by candleing the egg. If you see an internal pip, go ahead and artifitially pip a small hole in the air cell of the egg. Let it sit for a couple of hours. If you hear cheeping or chirping in this time, this is good. If nothing happens, I would open the air cell and look. Do you see chick parts? Do you see any movement? I hope so. If you see movement, put it back in the bator for a couple more hours. If still nothing after that, you could make your best guess at where the beak should be and VERY carefully, without damaging the white membrane, scrape a tiny hole. If you poke a hole directly into the egg, you may accidentally poke too far and kill the chick. By using something like a piece of sandpaper, folded in half and sawing across with it, it eliminates poking too far. Every few (sawing motions) look and feel so see if you've gone far enough to get to the white membrane. Pic the membrane open to see if you've found the beak. If you didn't find the beak, with a pic (i use a metal one) Very gently pic around till you find the beak. Of course by this time you already know that the chick is in there wrong, or is dead already. If it's not dead, and you help it too much, you could risk putting bad genes back into the gene pool if you allow this chicken (when it gets older) to reproduce. If it's more for a pet, then maybe no problem. However, this chick may be too weak, or have some defect and may die anyway. I don't mean to be a downer, but hey, maybe the poor baby couldn't get out cuz the shell was too thick. I've had that happen too. For that, I pic a hole where I think the beak should be and pic half way around the egg, so they can break it open and do some of the work for them selves. When I do this, I only break the membrane and pull it off of the nostril. Actually pull that part of membrane off from the egg. I had one that had pipped itself, but the white membrane stuck and dried on it's nose and it suffocated. I only pic the shell in a thin line and only about half way around the shell.and leave the membrane intact there. It has to do some of the work for itself, or else it will probably be weak all the rest of it's life. A lot of their strength for life comes from these few hours of hatching. Good luck and I hope this helps.


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