Help please

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10 Years
Sep 2, 2013
Can anyone identify what is going on with my Rooster here?
I have seen fly bites before and I do have an inordinate of flies (soon to be under control, I hope) but this looks different to me.

Please let me know what this might be and how i might address it.


That is avian or fowl pox, a virus spread by mosquitos and then spread from one chicken to another in the flock. It last several weeks, and as long as he doesn't get it in his mouth and throat (be sure and look) he should recover fine without treatment.
He's eating OK as far as I can tell ( don't know if he would oblige a request to "Open wide and say ahh, but I will keep an eye out) the Rooster I had before, had this and so did one or two of the hens and it did go away, so hopefully the same will happen now.


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