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Jun 21, 2014
I raised this rooster from about 3 days old and handled him very frequently. He was so sweet but now at @ 7 months old he has decided that it is ok to try to flog me. He is a silkie mix with no spurs so does not really hurt me and weighs less than 3 lbs. He still enjoys being held and stroked just loses his wee brain sometimes and tries to attack. He seems to be my dominant roo and is so beautiful I would hate to get rid of him. The roos I have rarely fight with one another and he is mainly aggressive with me. Is there a way to break the behavior and get back my loving boy?
Maybe, but likely not. Human aggression seems hardwired in some roosters; you might be able to get him to respect you at this late date, but if he's human aggressive he'll go after any person who shows up, and definitely not good if children are involved. And the behavior breed on... My cockrels move away from me , don't make that 'stink eye' at me, and aren't treated as cuddly pets. Check some of the detailed threads here about managing roosters, and give up on him sooner rather than later. Keep a nice boy who isn't ever 'in your face' and enjoy your birds without having to carry the big stick. Mary
The behavior started about 2 weeks ago and I really cannot pin point any reason that it began. My other roos either back away completely or come join the hens as they eat treats out of my hands.

He always holds back and watches me and usually when I am feeding a different group will make the attack. If he starts when I am facing him and I tell him no he backs off but will usually try later to get me when I am doing something else.

I don't think he'll change, except for the worse. Your other cockrels sound much better! Life is too short to live with this guy. If you try to rehome him, only with full disclosure! Mary

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