Misfit Meadows

6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
ok heres my problem. I had 2 polish hens and i got them when they were just under a year that they are just over a year old i come outside this morning to let everyone out for the day and one of the polish hens is laying on the ground dead. NO marks or anything to suspect foul play. however not sure what could have happened. now the other polish hen is just sitting around in the room making a strange whinny noise and refuses to go outside and seems completely depressed. WHAT SHOULD I DO? will my other polish chiken be ok, or are they similar to dogs in that they can die of a broken heart?
Where those your only 2 birds? If so you may want to consider getting your girl another buddy. Chickens don't truly "mourn" another bird, but they can become stressed and depressed by loneliness. They are flock birds and don't like isolation.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

While your hen will likely be OK, it is true that some birds prefer to hang out with others of their own type. Could you maybe find her a new friend or two?
Your surviving hen may have seen what happened and that is why she won't venture out. Eventually she'll forget but since she is a polish, it would be good to get another polish hen to be with her. Polish and Silkies often get picked on by other breeds because they have an unusual look to them.

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