Help! Porous eggs!

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    My eggs arrived today and 11 of the 12 are intact. The one was broken just a bit on the bottom and got tossed. I tried candling and could not see much of anything except that they are super blotchy/porous. I've heard that it is important to keep the humidity higher in such cases. Does anyone know what humidity I should aim for at this point? The eggs are Delaware by the way and I've read that prolific layers can often have porous shells.

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    I can't find a recommended percentage now, but I'd suggest keeping it high (55%+) and candle and weigh the eggs frequently to monitor the weight/moisture loss. Then you can up or owed the humidity as needed. There is some good info on it here:

    Good luck!
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    I've been keeping it around 55 percent. Hope it's enough. Candling, I hope, will go better at day 7. So hard to see with all the speckliness! :)
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    [​IMG] Good Luck with your hatch!!

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    How'd your hatch go?
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    None of the super porous eggs developed at all. I had 6 develop and two of those quit. Four hatched out. Unfortunately one of those had severe leg problems and I had to put her down. The other three are lively and doing well. Hopefully others will do better with their porous eggs than I did. Thanks for asking.[​IMG]
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    I just got about 30 porous eggs from a friend. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, Catfish, sorry just saw this post. I had no luck with the super porous eggs at all. Did not develop. The lesser ones did okay. From what I have gathered super porous eggs need slightly higher humidity to keep the eggs from dehydrating too quickly. I would recommend weighing your eggs on a kitchen scale. They should lose no more than 13 percent of their weight by day 18. If you start weighing now I would maybe cut that down to 10 percent? If they are losing too quickly pump up the humidity. I think that they may also be more prone to invasion by organisms, bacteria, fungus, etc. I would be very careful to wash hands really well before touching them. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else will chime in also. Good luck with your hatch. What are you hatching by the way?
    Oh Sumi added a link in an earlier post in this thread that's very useful. Just remembered that is where I got the info. lol. Sorry Sumi.
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