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Mar 27, 2016
My tiny Easter Egger hens cloaca came out of her vent this morning! We washed it off with water and carefully pushed it back in, but about 5 mins later it came back out. It's starting to bleed and I've pushed it in 4 times now. What has caused this? She is almost 2 years old. How do I fix this? Is it a death sentence? Please help!!!
I'm sorry no one has responded yet I will try to help you. I have a post as well no one has commented on oddly enough :/ First, take a deep breath. Unfortunately this happens and from experience and from reading others postings on this it will keep happening and is painful. You'll probably have to put her down but that's your call. What temporarily worked for me was hemmerhoid cream. It shrinks the tissues and helps tighten things down there to help with the prolapse. The bleeding is concerning... maybe it needs to be left alone. I would suggest gently rinsing it off and seconding her in a carrier with clean bedding (or box). apply some of the ointment around the vent (not in or on the sensitive tissue coming out!) and keep her quiet and confined. Also if it's dark that might help her not to lay an egg because that will not help her situation right now. Lastly, search the threads on here for vent prolapse there's lots of good info. Good luck and keep us posted. Also, if you have time maybe look at my post in this same section? Any thoughts would be appreciated :)
Thank you so much. I feel terrible for her, but I feel like we need to wait on putting her down because she still has a lot of fight in her. I pushed it back in a few hours ago and it hasn't come out, its not red or swollen or anything. Do you have any idea what caused it?
Not sure, you know chickens.. they are susceptible to so many ailments unfortunately. Maybe she pushed too hard? Definitely look up vent prolapse on here so you can get a better idea of what causes it and treatment. Definitely try the hemorrhoid cream! It will help. If it gets dirty you can put her rear in warm water, gently * clean it and gently * put it back in. That's about all you can do but watch for signs of pain: droopy tail, half closed eyes, labored breathing, listlessness, etc then it will be time to help her move on. Don't delay it can be very painful. Good luck I hope she pulls through!
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