HELP!!! Prolapse???


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Is it possible for a chick that's only about 3 months old to have a prolapse??? I went out to my yard where I keep my older chicks(all the same age) and noticed some bloody stools on the ground--my mind first went to cocci, so I started searching them over and noticed my little barred rock perched under the chick house, sleeping. Forgot to mention I was tossing them chopped, fresh grapes--one of their favorite treats and she wasn't budging. So, I went and picked her up and it looked like a messy diarrhea with some blood in it(still thinking cooci). So, I took her to the sink to clean her up and then was going to seperate her and start her on sulmet when I notices this long brownish-red thing sticking out, about an inch and a half long and maybe a 1/2 inch round. Is this her vent??? Prolapse??? I rushed her in right away and cleaned the area and with a gloved finger gently slid it back in, called my husband and asked him to pick up prep H on his way home. So, since last night I have applied the prep H and Neosporin and it just keeps coming out when she poops(which does have some blood in it). She's weak, but standing and eating some and drinking some. I've taken some pics(below). Not sure if I can save this little one, but want to give it my best shot. She's such a sweetheart!!!
I know this looks bad!!
Please, any help or advice would be great! What should I feed her as well as I know the blood loss in her poo is weakening her...
*edited to say I will put her down if she goes downhill quickly, but right now she seems to be fighting to live, so I want to give it the best shot!

This first pic looks the worst, but the white stuff is poop and is cleaned off before apply prep H:

Here's a pic after poop has been cleaned off and prep H applied:


Here's her vent after everythings been cleaned, prep H applied, and pushed back in:
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Wow. It looks like a prolapse to me. I would soak it in some warm water and get it good and clean. You can use an iodine/water mixture to make sure you get it clean. I have used Preparation H before on younger ones and it worked well. Try that and keep pushing it back in as well. Maybe someone else has a good idea and can help as well. Good luck
I have used Prep H before on a small prolapse but I think this is different. We all know how chickens can behave toward each other. I believe that your chicken has had part of her intestine pulled out. I don't think she will make it unless you can bring her to a vet and even then it might not be possible to save her. I'm very sorry.

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