Help.. Pullet or Roo?


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6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
Hi! We bought this chicken April 2013 as a barred rock pullet. This chicken is definitely on the bottom of the pecking order. The other hens always mistreat it and run it away. It is not aggressive. The tail feathers are really beginning to stand up. We have begun to wonder if it may be a roo. Can you tell me-- pullet or roo? Barred Rock or mix breed? We began our chicken adventure in March of this year. I have gleaned so much from this sight! I would appreciate any help that you can offer. I am including a few photos that I hope will be helpful.

OH.. and we got our first two eggs yesterday!! (yep, I'm egg-cited!)


He's a rooster for sure, and a mix. I'd say that he has some Barred Rock in him, along with some Cornish possibly.
yeah agree with it being a him and looking to have some cornish- it has pea comb(cornish have that) and the general body type. barred rock mixed with cornish is very reasonable guess.

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