**HELP **Quality Silkies Wet/Matted looking Crest--How to fix?


Here is a pictures of 2hens. They pretty much started looking this way as it became Fall and the rains started.

I talked to another friend recently and she said that she has the same problem and that she washes their crests with dog shampoo.

I don't mind doing that but I would like to keep them looking nice after I am done.
As long as the weather is crappy and they have access to the weather... they are going to look like it. I have a beautiful white silkie, all poofed and proud... but man, when it rains, she looks horrible. My polish are filthy right now too. Can't wait for good weather to get them bathed and brushed. (Yes, I did say brushed.)

Just check for mites and make sure all is clear.

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you could teach them to drink from those rabbit/hamster type waterers so the crest stays dry. Or maybe pull the crest feathers back like a soft ponytail using hair styling tape.
Quite a few of my Silkies look like that. No matter what I do they seem to find water, and dirt. I can't wait till I can try my new chicken water nipples, but I have to wait till the weather stops freezing. Hopefully, that will do the trick. Otherwise, to get the Silkie to look nice, I find a bath is necessary. And what really gets them to fluff up, is the blow drier.

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