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Mar 29, 2018
Hey im new here! Im not very good at english, but i will do my best :) I really need some help from a R-com mini user.

About a week ago I bought a R-Com mini with quail egg tray. Im going to pick up the fertilized eggs this Saturday. But before i start with this (First time hatching eggs) i have some questions.

The R-com came with a user's Manual.
It says that After 18 days of the incubation period (in case of chicken eggs) open the lid of the incubator and take the eggs out carefully. Place the egg tray first in and after that the eggs back into the incubator and then close the lid. The tray prevents that, during the hatching of the eggs, dirt and dust get into the incubator or in-between the rolls of the egg turning system.

Does this also go for the quail eggs? I mean i bought an extra Quail egg tray do i need to put the clear hatching tray underneat it, or can i just hatch them on the extra Quail egg tray?

I hope you can help me.

Kind Regards,
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