Help! Re-home needed for two rabbits.

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    The following is a post on Rabbits Only forum from an online friend of mine who lives near Little Rock, AR. If anyone could help find a new home for these guys that would be great. Let me know and I will put you in contact with the owner:

    My parents have had some unfortunate circumstances and recently had to move to a much smaller place. My mom's rabbits are now caged outdoors, and summer is approaching fast. It gets very hot in Arkansas, so we need to place them as soon as possible. We have not had any success trying to rehome them locally, so I'm trying here.

    They are 2-year-old Mini Lops and were just spayed and neutered about a month ago. Right now they are not bonded, but they are litter mates and have always lived side-by-side, so we would prefer they stay together and eventually be bonded. But they can go to separate homes if that is what works out best.

    They are a little skiddish about being handled, but they're sweet-natured, so I know in the right home where they're getting attention and ample time out of their cages, they would warm up. Snick can sometimes be a little cage aggressive, so she should be allowed to come out on her own instead of reaching in for her. She is never aggressive with my mom though, who puts her hands in the cage every day to feed, clean, etc. They are litter trained, and I think they're pretty good with their litter habits.

    If you can help, please let me know. I have pictures I can email to you.


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