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Mar 27, 2013
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Hi, I have a handsome Mille Fleur D'uccle rooster names Clyde. I've noticed recently that Clyde's feet are red. They aren't hurting him, He lets me touch them without problem but they are a little hot to the touch. The thing is, they are only red around his feathers. Doesn't sound like bumblefoot from all that I've read but I'm very new to the whole chicken thing so I would love some advice from experienced people. :) Thank you so much.
How old is he? If he has recently matured sexually, it's just a sign of his male hormones becoming active. Bumblefoot appears as a dark spot or scab on the bottom of a foot. Scaly leg mites might redden the legs some, I'm actuall not sure, but you would see obviusl raised leg scales.
I'm not exactly sure on the age. I believe less than a year. I got Cylde and Bonnie at a chicken swap this spring. He's a great boy and it doesn't seem to be a skin issue either. I can try and post pictures if that would be more helpful.

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