Help Relocating


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
Marietta, GA
Jeez, maybe 10 years ago I was a member here at BYC when I was raising my first bunch of chickens, and there was an area where we could post asking for help relocating ourselves and our birds. I don't see that anymore, but I find that I'm in need.

Is anyone making any cross country trips from Washington state or Oregon this summer for vacation or anything? I have a Meyers parrot and his little buddy parakeet back home that I'm having trouble getting to after relocating to GA. They've made the trip with me in the past, it's just this time I flew and things haven't worked out according to plan with my job hunt this time around.

Unfortunately, I likely couldn't pay you, so if you're able to help it would have to be from the kindness of your heart. But I'm pretty desperate, and I would do what I can.

Thanks in advance for anyone that may be able to help!


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