Help Rouens dont like the new hen??


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I just got a new Rouen Hen .She is 18 months old. My 2 males and older Rouen Hen do dot like her. They peck at her and run her off. Is this normal and if not what do you recommend I do for her to be ok? The old hen did not lay an egg till the new hen arrived.
Yes I put her in on Friday and I can put her in a different pen.. the males didn't do this to my older hen.
Why do you think my older Hen didn't lay till the new Hen arrived? Or at least I think she is laying now do to my young Hen laid some green eggs and now I have some white eggs in the nest as well?
I'm not sure of her age. I know the new Hen is 18 Months. I have also looked up ways to tell her age but got no help there.

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