Help Seizure Attack


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Danville, Arkansas
my americana hen has been having nasty looking eyes thursday i thought she was all better cuz for the first time her eyes was open on her own and i didnt have to make her drink or anything yesterday i go out side and she was having a seizure i brought her in and have her in my room i noticed that she was skinny from her not eatting as much when she was sick i did try to make her eat yogurt while she was sick but i guess wasnt enough so know since yesterday ive been forcing bread, yogart, and medicated water down her but shes still having seizures she's throwing her head back and shaking and has no controll over her legs and lil control over her head what should i do should i keep feeding her or should i put her out of her pain idk what to do what can i do to save her
i love her so much and hate seeing her like this should i keep trying to save her im so confused one min she seems fine then next bad

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