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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by marlene, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. marlene

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I have a brinsea octagon 20, it has a digital reading of the temperature. I decided after a bad hatch to check the temperature and humidity by putting in 2 different thermometers ( BOTH BRAND NEW) and they are all giving me different readings!!!. The thermo on the brinsea is reading 37.6, the new digital is reading 36.0 and the glass thermo reading 39.0. How do i know which is right??. Any way of working out which 1 is right?.
  2. Egghead_Jr

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    Oct 16, 2010
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    Put the glass thermometer in ice water. I should read 0 C. With that calibrated amount off you know how far the incubator is off.
  3. nizar

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    Sep 10, 2011
    you have to know that every spot in the incubator is not have some warm, it is ok

    but if there high different temperature among spot that make a problem , the temp must be between (36.1-38.8) .

    the reason of different reading may be :
    1- vent holes are big or more than needs.
    2- fan speed is high.
    3- big incubator.
    4- the source of warm is too giving too hot or little hot than incubator need it.

    and every thermometer has a little wrong reading worse one about +- (2) degree .

    I think adjust the warm , as example one read 38 C and other 36.5 C. it will be ok.

    with my best regards .

    Mohammed Iraq
  4. pete55

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Suffolk, UK

    I have used the Octogon 20 and as its a small incubator it 'should' have even temperature distribution. Set your sensor or thermometer bulb near the middle but not directly below the central fan.

    You really do need to callibrate a thermometer to know which is correct and the post about using ided water is a good tip. I had a lot of problems with an Octogon 40 and replaced the thermostat, cleaned the fans, replaced the temperature display and probe. After all that I checked it with my trusty Mercury rod thermometers and a new Brinsea Spot check and the display was still incorrect by 0.8 to 1.2C [​IMG]

    Since then my Octogons have all been replaced by R-Coms. Better to start correctly than be adjusting once the eggs are in!!

    Pete [​IMG]
  5. marlene

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    Aug 17, 2011
    Thank you all for your replies, i put 2 glass thermometers in ice cold water as suggested and i am now trying to sort out my temp issues.

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