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Dec 15, 2020
Hi all!! One of our girls is making me anxious! This is Olivia, she’s 16-18 weeks old and is a BLR Wayondotte. Super sweet and pretty, I absolutely adore her and my heart will be broken if we have to give her up. My city had super strict rules around roos, I’m worried she might be a roo! I also know that it can be harder to sex Wayondottes because girls also have red waddles. These are our first hens so any help would be so so appreciated!!


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I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing it, but that looks like a pullet about to lay. Cockeral would probably be crowing at 18 weeks. I'm trying to see the neck feathers. Rounded would be hen. Pointed would be too. Don't be fooled by lacing. Make sure to look at the actual feathers.

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