Help! Sick chick!

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    Feb 29, 2016
    I have a week old baby chick thats sick. I had another thread but no one was answering my questions. Please help im new to this and raising chicks. I have 6 total chicks and only 1 is acting weird. She doesn't play, drink, and hardly eats. She lays on her side a lot with her wings kinda out. Someone said to treat her with corid which i have and it hasnt helped. We periodically dip her beak in some water but wont drink. Should i put vitamins in the water? Can i put it in with the corid? Can i mix electrolytes with vitamins in the water? All three in the water? Please help i think she may die she seems so weak.
  2. cafarmgirl

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    If by chance she did have coccidiosis and she's not drinking then she's not getting enough of the medication to make a difference. You have to give the medicated water with an eye dropper or small, needless syringe every couple hours, or as often as you can during the day, until they feel better and start drinking well on their own. When you treat with Corid it's better not to add anything else to the water until the course of treatment is finished. Then you can add vitamins or probiotics if desired.

    This chick may have something else going on however and just may not thrive no matter what you do. Have you tried feeding her some mashed up hard boiled egg?
  3. chickenlife333

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    Mar 3, 2016
    about feeding a sick baby chick a mashed up hard boiled egg how do i feed it

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