Help, Sick chicken, Not eating much/Not active.


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Sep 1, 2013
Noticed over the past couple of days, one of our buff orpingtons has not been her self. She is around 18 weeks old now, and in with a flock of 7 other birds ranging from 18 weeks to 24 weeks. They all get on fine, and been together for some time, Running free range on grass.

Recently treating our whole flock with tylan, Due to a cold in a couple of the chickens that simply would not shift. This has now cleared up 99%, The chicken in question didnt suffer with the cold and was active until we stopped giving them the antibiotic.

On our Clean out, We did find a small amount of redmite, Though this was treated and seems to have cleared up/clearing up. No signs of mites from daily cleaning, DE and Mite powder.

We have just bought her into the house where it is a little warmer for her and out of the wind.

There are no signs signs of Lice/Mites on her as i type this.
She does want to eat, but will only eat a very small amount, and will only eat if we mix the food down to a paste. (Equivalant of at the most 6 - 7 grains of wheat a day)
We have seen her drink, but now monitoring this more with her in the house.
We havent seen her poop, as pretty hard to see this within the paddock, Again will see if she does in the house, but i doubt it with lack of food.
Her Crop feels Empty. (no Food and No Fluid)
My partner checked for Impacted crop, and said she doesnt think this is the case.

She does sit around, and just wants to sleep. She does have a small groom of her self, and has her tail down. She is at times quite alert, She does run around with the other chickens but soon stops and sleeps where ever she stops.

She did have a good dust bath 4 days ago but not as crazy as the others (as if she didnt have the energy)
She is feeling a little under weight, can feel her bones quite clearly.
She is currently sat with us, but has her head tucked down and balled up, Standing up.
She has been wormed about 5 weeks ago.

She is currently having a Malt, Got quite a lot of new feathers growing, (same with some of the other buffs in the coop/Run which are not having the same other symptoms

Any advice would be great, Hope i havent missed anything on here and if i have, Just ask and il reply asap.
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Just to confirm now she is pooping, Here is a picture of it. Quite a lot of liquid in there too.

There are a lot of urates in that stool. Do you know what respiratory disease your flock had? Infectious bronchitis can be very hard on the kidneys of young chickens, and some can have permanent damage to kidneys or the reproductive system. I would offer her plain yogurt and put apple cider vinegar in her water 1 tablespoonful per gallon just to build up her digestive bacteria. Probiotic capsules would be even better.
The vet we visited, said it wasnt IB, and that it was just a slight cold. The hen in question above, didnt/hasnt show signs of the cold that the others did, Though was treated as was in the same flock.

She is currently in the house and seems a little better. She has eaten quite a bit of scrambled egg, and having a good drink. She is also having a good walk around, and a little more active, making a few chirps and squeeks.

Another image, of her poop/stool that she has just done. Looks a lot less watery.

Still quite a lot of Urates, but no where near as runny. She now has a nice selection of dish's to choose from. Scrambled egg, Natural Yogurt, and Her water.
What did you worm her with? If you're in the US or Canada and didn't worm her with something like Safeguard (fenbendazole) or Valbazen (albendazole), you might want to think about re-worming her with one of them, 'cause Wazine (piperazine), only gets roundworms and ivermectin is not an effective wormer in poultry.

When they're sick, I dust them for mites and lice even if I cannot see them.

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Sometimes mine get very sick looking during molt, you might want to increase her protein, that might help.

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