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    May 28, 2009
    My buff orpington had gone broody a few weeks ago, and my flock's eggs are not fertile (no roo) so we were just hoping she'd come out of it on her own. I did not want to put fertile eggs under her as july-aug is very busy for me this year. So, I just returned from floriday (my husband was taking care of the hens) and when I saw Ming Ming (my buff orp) outside, I thought it would be a good time to collect the eggs (she likes to peck if you try and take eggs she's sitting on) When I got closer to the coop and to her, I could see she didn't look right. I checked her over and found that one of my other hens had pecked her a lot, really hurting her comb and a few places around her head neck. She had lots of dried blood on her. She was not acting normal, pecking around. She was just huddling/shivering. I cleaned her up very well, then put peroxide on the wounds and neosporin. Then I dried her up nicely with a hair dryer. Have been keeping her separated from the flock. Giving pedialyte and started her on a broad spectrum antibiotic. She has seemed to perk up a bit, but is still not acting normal. Does not seem to be eating at all. I think she was pecked on b/c she refused to move from the nest and she hasn't been with the rest of the flock for awhile- I found lots of her feathers around the nest area.

    I started the antibiotic b/c I know the hen that pecked her (the bully of the flock), Bernice. Bernice seemed fine this am I actually let her out to free range and she then spent the entire day under my daughters' swing set in the sand. I thought it was b/c she was hot, she was doing the panting thing, but slower, not how the girls usually pant. She was also making sneezing/wheezing sounds. The rest of my hens seem fine, and I've never till this day experienced any type of illness in my birds. So I decided Bernice should probably have the meds b/c of her symptoms, and Ming Ming is in such rough shape she should probably be on them as well especially if she had contact with Bernice. I have looked online a bit but I cannot be sure what the symptoms point too.

    Any advice much appreciated.
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