Help sick chicken


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013

I have a 2 year old hen, who got attacked by a fox 3 weeks ago.... we have nursed her back to health and i recently put her back in coop. There has been a little hen picking.... I went out this am and everything was fine... i then went out around noon and found her wheezing and what looks like gasping for air... she has a chipped point of her beak and a blood spot at the top where the beak meets the comb... her crop was extended and was full of air, i have massaged it and emptied the air out she sounded a little gurgley...she seam to not want to eat and seams uncomfortable?? any thoughts ??

she has been eating and pooping fine.... not sure what is going on?
she is in our garage ... she is putting her head up a little and has to open her mouth every time she breaths???
she is outside right now on lawn acting normal except for the breathing.... i am wondering if they pecked her in the nasal area and made it swollen? she is eating...
my guess would be she has a respiratory illness. you can use tylosin aka Tylan 50 its wonderful for respiratory issues. my bird is having a respiratory issue now too. I Give 1/4 cc because my birds are small but dose for large birds is 1/2 cc. its given once daily for 5 days. tylan50 can be found in the feed store in the cattle section. NOT to worry the bottle says for cattle and swine as MANY poultry owners including myself use it to successfully treat respiratory issues. tylan 50 is a excellent choice. give the injection in the breast muscle. I'd opt for using the injection over a water soluble antibiotic because it gets into the blood stream faster and dose is more controlled. also she is not eating or drinking as much so a water soluble antibiotics dose would be more limited. you can buy the syringes at the feed store also. I really hope this is helpful and hope she improves should start the injection immediately. best wishes.

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