Help sick faverolles and bark chippings

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  1. Pinkaboo

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    May 12, 2014
    Cornwall in the UK
    My husband put two bags of extremely smelly bark chippings in the run this afternoon
    This evening one of the faverolles was missing found her asleep in the coop
    She's very very sleepy, I've moved her inside with food and water but she wouldn't eat it
    So I've put the other faverolles chicken with her and she's eaten now( scrambled egg)
    Could it be the fumes from the bark? Or mold? I've just read an artical that says if you get the timing right you can save the chick by flogging / or fogging? With disinfectant
    What does this mean?

    What do I do now should I remove all the bark?

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