HELP! Sick rooster


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
North Western Wisconsin
just got a silkie roo from a rep breeder and now noticed that he is having cold-like symptoms and almost gurgling on mucus or something. Earlier this morning i went out to check on him and he teetered bacck and forth then fell on to his back for a minute!
Do you have him quarantined (I hope?) Sounds as though he is coming down with a respiratory disease. You don't want that in your flock. If you choose to treat him It would depend on which one he has for the best drug choice. Tylan 50 is good for many, and erythromycin also would be good. Most respiratory diseases will make lifelong carriers of birds that recover. Here is a list of common diseases and treatments:
He is in a seperate pen with his hen who was also sneezing. He is still sneezing but seems to be doing okay got them both on durmycin. Should i give it to the rest of my flock? (six chickens) Could we still eat the eggs?
I would treat them if any start to show symptoms, but not before. Duramycin withdawal for eggs is 21 days from completion of the drug as far as I know. Check your label for sure.

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