Help..Sick Turtles!!!

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    Oct 24, 2009
    I have 6 turtles living in my garden pond. I got them as hatchlings about one year ago. They are much bigger now.

    I am due to move house... so I got them out of the pond (easy as they are very tame). And I put them into a large container which will be their temp. home.

    Well I noticed that 2 are ill.

    One has lots of fungus stuff on its legs. I am treating this with iodine and anti fungus fish medicine..then keeping him dry most of the time. The fungus looks like its clearing up.. but now some of his legs are getting swollen!!!

    The second turtle is having breathing problems. She shows no other symptoms. Eyes, and nose normal.. no coughing or anything like that. She can swim and eat fine. But she keeps opening her mouth wide and gasping to breath ever so often.

    I have separated her and put her in very shallow water and keeping her very warm.

    the other 4 turtles are 100 percent healthy.

    Any ideas what I can do about the turtle with the breathing problems to help her recover faster? Also about the one with the fungus and the swollen legs?


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