Oct 12, 2021
Hey everyone,
Any info would be really appreciated, we really love our Lemon already :( She is about 2 weeks old, and hasn’t grown like the other chicks. Well not at all, really!
She also has been lethargic but still managing to drink and eat. Has been getting ‘pasty butt’ I think as well. I’ve had to wipe a few hard crusted poos off her. Also one eye doesn’t open easily and seems a bit swollen. I’ll wipe it with warm water every now and then and it gets a little better but always goes back to this.

She was so chirpy when we got her from the pet store. She was my children’s favourite and was held the most, perhaps this caused her more stress than she could handle? She’s a little fighter though and doesn’t want to give up.

The other chicks have really overtaken her in stature, I don’t want to seperate them but sometimes they’ll knock her over and she can’t get herself back up. Any advice on what to dowhat sickness she might have?!?


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Jun 19, 2020
Pahrump NV
How is Lemon doing? If she's still fighting give her raw egg yolk. It's the best natural remedy for babies and even older chickens. Also lots of electrolytes. Sugar water helps as well, but yolk is better and then get food at the same time. I would separate her until she is better with just one other friend who seems the nicest. When she is better you can reintroduce them to their flock. Good luck keep us posted.

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