HELP!! Silkie Emergency!


Jul 11, 2018
Ontario, Canada
One of my four silkie has always acted wierd and figity compared tocthe others. sometimes when held its head would do a 180. Now its doing this and wont stop!

I wanted to download a video but its not working so here are photos.


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You may post a video to YouTube with a link posted here. I think that Sourland is right, it may be wry neck, which is a symptom of head injury, vitamin E or thiamine (B1,) and sometimes viruses or other diseases, such as Mareks. Silkies seem prone to wry neck. I would give 400 IU of vitamin E, some vitamin B complex 1/4 tablet or other multivitamin for poultry, and a little selenium found in egg, tuna, and sunflower seed.

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