Help! Smelly, watery poop and they have stopped laying eggs

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    May 9, 2009
    6 days ago I gave my 10 3 year old hens some table scraps. It didn't smell bad (spanish rice). The next day I noticed that their poop was watery. It was also very hot out, so I thought that could be the problem. The weather has cooled off now, but their poop is still watery and green (though they eat a lot of grass) and also purple (mulberry tree) and it's smelly. Also, they have mostly stopped laying eggs. I am also integrating 6 more 3 month old chicks into the coop, started about 3 weeks ago. They are all acting normally, eating, scratching, etc.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I cooked some rice and gave it to them today. Will this go away on it's own? Should I give them yogurt? Can I put ACV in a metal waterer? Do I need to give them antibiotics?
    Thanks for any advice. I will never feed them any questionable leftovers again!
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    Sounds like lots of variables.

    Don't put ACV in metal. Get a cheap plastic waterer or use a ceramic dish. I swear by the stuff.

    Can't answer the others.


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