Help someone with knoledge on ducks and guenia


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Sep 23, 2010
I was wondering is it okay to mix guenia or however you spell it with your ducks i have two rouin ducks and would like to get two guenias would that be okay mix
I have guineas that fly in and out of the duck pen and it hasn't created a problem. Guineas seem to fight with chickens but ducks not at all .....I don't know why? So my experience has been okay..........

I will say that the guineas and the ducks are all full grown..... The ducks would probably waddle around smaller guineas but my pekin ducks are very gentle....
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I raised a batch of Guinea with some baby ducks and all went fine. No fighting or anything. It was almost like they didn't notice each other. The ducks slept on the floor and the guinea slept on the roost. The guinea were really bossy with the chickens but didn't hurt them just pulled feathers and bossed them around.

I think it is just OK.

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