Help! Swelling, lots of puss from vent of 10 week old pullet...


10 Years
Feb 7, 2014
Okay I noticed my approximately 10 week old Ameraucauna pullet was not her usual paranoid self, wings down, unhappy look etc....

I picked her up and she was unusually passive, I looked at her all over and wholy sheesh she is VERY swollen around the vent and white stuff (presumably puss) is running down her backside and legs.

This seems to be a raging infection of some type. Before I saw her backside and puss I boiled an egg for her and she gobbled it but this girl isn't feeling well.

What is this? My vet is not available until tomorrow.

Not so great pix below....the photos do not show the puss running out of her:

Okay apparently it is exactly what it looked like, after hitting google the situation was confirmed (a yeast infection -- vent gleet).

No clue how she got it or why but at least now I know it is not some fatal disease and can be treated.

Guess tomorrow I will be buying some probiotics and yogurt.
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