Help Technically Challenged here!


Crazy "L" Farms
11 Years
Jun 11, 2010
Is there a way to change the number of posts per page on a thread like we could on the old site? I have fiddled around some (it only took me two days to fiure out how to find my list of posts, see challenged I say!
) I would like to increase the number of posts per page so there isn't so many pages to go through on some of the longer threads. Help! BTW I like the new look and I know it will only take a while to get used to the layout. Keep up the good work!
I believe many members have had trouble with this being changed. This issue is being investigated and will hopefully be resolved soon.
Oh so right now, there isn't a way? Just want to stop looking for that way if there isn't one right now.
I don't believe currently there is a way for this feature to be used.

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