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This morning day 16.....things were well when I turned the eggs. Temp 101 now 4 hours later the temp was 103! Have I killed them? Please advise....I am worries. I am using a still air incubator and things have been well....until now. Does anyone know if the temp increase for 4 hours was to much for my babies?

I have another round of eggs in that are a week behind ( in the same incubator) do you have any thoughts about this set and bad affects from temperature?

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Candle the eggs and look for movement. Then on day 18 candle them again. Look for growth and movement.

Good luck!
Hi! The chicks are advanced enough they are producing heat and jumped the inc. temps up, maybe? (the thermostat *should* compensate, but doesn't seem to).
I would dial the temp back to correct temps.
You are only a degree and a half over *perfect* temp for a still-air --- not a great issue for a short time.
If humidity is acceptable, you should be seeing chicks soon

Are you planning to use a separate hatcher for the 1st group?

If you are using the 'dry hatch method' and increasing humidity on Day 18, you could drown the eggs that are at an earlier stage.

Good luck!
103 for 4 hours shouldn't be a problem. As mentioned, the chicks might be producing the heat from their development.
Seems like every book I've read so far says a still air model should be higher temp-101.
Is that true?
Because it may be 101 at the top but cooler down where eggs are.
101.5 is a optimal temp for still air incubators (Little Giant and Hovabator are the only brands I'm familiar with).
The air temperature at *egg height* is the temp you should be measuring. That temp is what matters for egg development and proper growth (and maintaining humidity and airflow...).
Good luck!


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