Help! They are eating the eggs

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  1. Nana Allred

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    Jul 28, 2010
    I have 6 young hens and 4 lay eggs in the nesting boxes. One layed her first egg the day before yesterday in the run on the ground. They ate it. She layed again today on the ground and again they ate it. How do I get her to lay in a box and how do I keep them from eating them and will this become a regular problem now?
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    Apr 20, 2010

    I (thankfully) haven't had this issue...but I have read on BYC here that you need to put the new layers in the coop "locked down" for a few days til they get the idea to lay in the nestboxes. Also if you remove the eggs quickly and replace with wooden eggs or ceramic eggs or golf balls they will try to peck these and figure that it doesn't work anymore... That's the theory anyways.

    Good Luck!!! [​IMG]
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    Rebuilding your nest boxes to rollaway nest boxes is the surest way to save the eggs that they lay in the nest boxes. A rollaway nest has its bottom on a slant, with a barrier at the back that does not quite go all the way down, so the egg rolls to the back, beyond the chicken's reach.

    I'd sure try the ceramic or wooden eggs first, though. Since they just started laying, perhaps you can resolve this without rebuilding.
  4. skippy867

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    i did the golf ball method and it worked the very first time.
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Make sure their nest box is inviting with lots of fresh bedding and a few golf balls to give them the idea. But pullets are pullets, and mine at least seem to lay wherever for weeks. The golf balls also help dissuade the other chickens. I had an egg eater and after filling a nest box with paper wads and golf balls (which she attacked vigorously), she gave it up. She hadn't been doing it long, but still.

    Then I thought I had another one eating eggs, but I put down thicker bedding on the floor of the hen house and it stopped. They will always eat cracked eggs and that can get it started. If you know who the offender is, separate her and don't give her the chance. Make sure the eggs aren't being cracked as they're dropped and give them some decoy eggs. Oh, and make sure you gather eggs as soon as possible.

    That's all I know to suggest. The roll away nest boxes would be great, too....if they'll use them!

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