Help! Time period before I know which Roo is responsible?

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    Hi, my cochins have just started laying so I seperated them into breeder pens with only the roos I want them to breed with. Before they were in a mixed flock with other roos I don't want to use for breeding. How long before I can be sure that the roos they are with are the dad? 2 weeks or a month?

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    I rehomed a Giant Partridge cochin roo the 2nd week of November, I'm thinking about the 13th he was gone.

    I started collecting eggs the 7th of December (3 weeks and 3 days later), put them in the bator on the 11th.

    My Blue Wheaten Roo was active with all of the girls and sired many chicks.

    Two eggs... one from my Light Brown Leghorn and one from my Salmon Faverolle ended up with half Cochin chicks.

    You've got to wait at LEAST a month.
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    I wait a month.
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    Thanks, I figured it had to be a month but I wanted to make sure.
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    Quote:LOL!! Mahonri, that is by far the BEST illustration that I have seen of that time-line!! Thanks for the info [​IMG]

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