Help - tom unsteady, falling down


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
This morning my midget white tom is very unsteady on his feet and at times is falling down. He then sits there on the ground. If the hens come by, he attempts to spread is feathers (strut from a sitting position is what it looks like). What to do?? We feed a custom mix w/ 24% protein. He's our only tom. Two hens. They are currently housed with a few runner ducks if that makes any difference.
I don't feel any breaks in his legs, or see any odd bends. I was just out there with him...he really prefers to sit. When he does walk, he takes a few steps, then he stepped on one foot with the other & went down. He fell/sat next to the feed dish & ate. So he is eating. He seems alert and fine other than the standing issue. Gave fresh bedding, fresh water, food, etc. Thinking about putting a warming lamp in the coop tonight. Going to be in the low 30s. Not really sure he needs that though and I do worry about fire. The lamp is screwed in place, but you just never know what could happen with live animals in there.
It might be a leg injury, but it could also be an inner ear infection. Leg injuries are more often tendons than they are bones.

Did you check the bottom of his feet?

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