Help two week old chick with poorly leg

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    Hi there,
    I'm new to this, I've just taken a two week old chick from my mothers as it was getting trampled and struggling to get to food. She seems to have damaged her leg in some way on Friday night/Saturday morning. She's not baring weight on it and is using wings to balance and hopping. When resting will rest on the hock. I have her in a small box nestled in a Muslin with food and water next to her and a heat may under half the box. The best I could do on the fly. I'm a bit squeamish with investigating the leg too much as am scared of hurting her but my 5yo is so attached to her and she was promised to him the day she hatched (the only dark chick in a sea of yellow lol) so I can't give up on the little thing. Any advice as to what to do would be great, I will be phoning round tomorrow to see if any vets will see her. Thanks for any help [​IMG][/IMG][​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC. Hopefully the chick just injured the leg, and it may heal. Start some poultry vitamins in the water that include riboflavin (vitamin B2.) Slipped tendon and leg bone deformities are fairly common in chicks. You can Google either term or do a search at the top of this page to read some of the links. If it is a leg injury, it can take a few weeks to improve. You can also search Poultry Pedia Podiatry to learn about fixing a slipped tendon. Unfortunately many chicks with that don't do well in a big flock, but may do okay in a small area with another chick. Good luck.

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