HELP Unhatched/cracked egg bleeding


8 Years
Jun 9, 2011
This is the first time I am hatching eggs so a newbe to the whole thing. Last week most chicks hatched but three more eggs still need to hatch . One egg seems to be bleeding kinda like a scratch and it clots and dries it appears the baby is still growing I wipe off blood and a few hours later it is back. Has anyone heard of this if so what is this and what do you do ?
Were all the eggs set at the same time? If the others hatched last week, my guess is the egg is rotting and leaking.

Does it smell? Have you candled?
If the baby is still growing but leaking has it made any peep noises? If not you can put candel wax on the crack, it works wonderfully... and wait for the little guy to process on it's own.

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