Help! Update - Hen being bullied....

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    Sep 14, 2016
    Good Morning, all!

    I took the bully out of the yard this morning and placed her in a crate far away from the yard.

    I placed the bullied hen inside the yard and let her walk around for an hour by herself. I then let the other 3 hens out. I gave them bread as a distraction but as soon as they were finished all of them went after the bullied hen. I was right there to stop each one but she was so distressed I pulled her out.

    I'm keeping the bully away for the entire day. I put the bullied hen inside the hen house by herself. The other 3 are in the yard.

    What are your thoughts? I know it doesn't sound good.

    I appreciate any suggestions.


  2. try putting the hen that's getting bullied in a chicken tractor or a crate inside the chicken run, that way the other hens can see her but not hurt her. hopefully they will get used to seeing her and they won't bully her when she's out

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