HELP...urgent emergency!!! duck with wound & flies!

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    ok so woke up this morning to find a dead duck and one with a broken wing. on her broken wing is an open wound. the flies are tearing her apart. tractor supply southern states and all of my local vets know nothing. please give me some advice!!!!! thanks!!!! also everything is closed now!!!! so at home remedies woul be great until tommorow!
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    May 16, 2011
    Do you have Epsome salt???
    If so make a warm bath with espsome salt and soak her for 10-15 min.
    Do this TWICE a day. Make sure you dry her off well after you are done with the soaking.
    The Epsome salt with Help draw out infection, dry would the wound and help naturally with any pain she may have.
    Next Pack the wound with antibiotic ointment.

    Next take a SOCK that you have (the size depends on how big your duck is.
    Cut the toes off the sock and use it to make like a body glove to go over and COVER the entire wound and help to hold her wing in place.....

    Keep dry.

    GL, and best wishes,

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