Help - urgent, incubator fell on floor!


7 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Please help, one of my cats just managed to knock the incubator onto the kitchen floor. Three out of seven ducklings have hatched already - the third was just today so we have moved him to the brooder with the other two. It's too early to tell if he has sustained any damage but he seems ok and is under the light and bring snuggled by his siblings.

The remaining eggs had all pipped and are now in various states with large parts of shell broken but the membranes seems to be reasonably intact although there has been some bleeding. I can hear cheeping from one of the eggs. Is there any chance at all they might survive? Is there anything I can do to maximise chances.

I am so upset, it's our first time hatching eggs and it was all going so well up to now.:(
So sorry about the accident. If they haven't been hurt I would think there is still a good chance they will be OK. I would just set the incubator back up and get the humidity up where it is supposed to be and let them try to hatch, be patient, but if they shrink wrap or get stuck zipping because of the broken shell etc you may have to help, check the article on assisted hatching
Thanks Kelsie - I put them back in wrapped in damp kitchen towel ans amazingly they all hatched! We now have six gorgeous fluffy ducklings and are thrilled to bits :D.

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