Help us with a farm name!


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9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
San Bernardino, CA
We need help with a farm name!

We have a flock of mainly Ameraucanas who eggs we sell and incubate to sell chicks. We've started raising our first round of meat birds too.

We also have goats, 2 bucks and a buckling. We have yet to find does that meet our specifications but we are working toward adding ladies to the herd.

I will be adding a beehive in the next couple of years as well.

We live on half an acre (tiny for most but great for living in a city), in a very hot and very dry climate in Southern California. Our property has fruit trees here and there; loquat, granny smith, mulberry, orange, pomegranate, and lemon.

We have six girls here so that might be something that could be incorporated but isn't necessary.

I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!
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