Oct 22, 2020
Blood / Red seems to make the flock go nuts. If you can get the bleeding under control, and keep the wound clean, make sure you have a place to quarantine her away from the rest of the flock. Everyone on here is right, first priority is stopping / controlling the bleeding, then infection, then the process of recovery. I don't know that much about wounds like this, but I know that when trimming a birds beak if it bleeds you can use cornstarch to clot the wound (I WOULDN'T DO THIS until you get some more people to confirm this as a good idea. I am just telling you what I've learned. A beak bleed is different than this...)

But she needs to be kept away from the others once the wound has been treated. I'll link a youtube video I found in which a guy handles a similar situation. Wishing you two the best!
You just got me interested in another Youtube series. Darn.

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