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    Mar 8, 2010
    Mid-Coast Maine
    Ok. Next Spring will be my first attempt at hatching.
    Just got the Brinsea Oct 20 Eco.
    I plan on 2 full batches of 24 eggs, 3 Breeds in each for a total of 6 breeds.
    Never having done this before and will be using shipped eggs.
    From all of your experiences, what should my expectations be as far as success?
    I know there are many variables, including luck, but please share your experiences to help give me an idea of what to expect.
    It will help me with my planning... I will be closely monitoring humidity, temp and hand turning 3 times daily.
    Anyone want to venture a guess of what I end up with? My goal is 2 pullets of each breed. I know there will be roos to contend with [​IMG]
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    Buy eggs as close to where you live as possible. For example I am in CA, and I try to buy no further east than Texas. Know ahead of time the PO plays soccer with boxes, and if you get a 50% hatch rate it is very good. I have had 0%, 20% and 60% from shipped eggs. It is taking a chance to have them shipped, so know that going in.

    If you find some one CL to go pick up, that is the best way. I got my duck eggs from a BYC'er that brought them to me at a poultry show and 13 out of 17 will make it to lockdown.
  3. Hound

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Anywhere from 0 to 100%. You just can't tell. Then there's the fact that they might turn out to be all roosters or all pullets.
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    Jul 16, 2010
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    When you have ordered your eggs, inform the seller to write clearly on the package box, "Do Not Scan, Live Eggs, Do Not X-Ray".

    And also to inform the Post Office to call you first thing the moment the package arrives at your local PO so that you can go to collect it immediately. Increases your rest time for the eggs before setting them in, and also the sooner you have the eggs rested and set, the better. This way, the package doesn't go around in the postal car/van for hours before it reaches your house, saves the eggs all the bumping and travel time.

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